Swivel Cabinet


The Swivel Cabinet has a top with detent positions that hold it in the proper forward or rear-facing position yet can rotate 90 degrees to facilitate access to the product’s rear paper path.

The Swivel Cabinet offers 9.9 inches (25.3 cm) of additional height and storage with its rail-mounted drawer for smooth operation. This cabinet holds up to 6 reams of Letter, Legal or A4 sized paper, or one toner cartridge carton plus up to 3 reams of paper.

The Swivel Cabinet cannot be used with the 2000-Sheet High Capacity Feeder.

The Swivel Cabinet cannot be used with the Caster Base.

Technické údaje

Díl #
Rozměry balení (V x D x Š)
368 x 692 x 591 mm
Hmotnost balení
25.86 kg
Rozměry (V x D x Š)
264 x 476 x 600 mm
21.82 kg
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Klasifikace UNSPSC