T654 RFID UHF Option

T654 RFID UHF Option

The RFID UHF Option is a RFID (EPC Global Class 1, Generation 2 tag – ISO 18000-6C) programming device for the T654 laser printers.

Komponentnummer:: 30G0955

The RFID tags can be programmed via PCL commands or using electronic forms created with Lexmark Document Solutions Suite Forms Composer 3.3.8 with Service Pack 4.

RFID Programming while Printing speed: Up to 20 ppm when programming RFID tags using letter size media. Individual ppm performance may vary depending on media size, type, RFID tag and image complexity.

RFID Radio Specifications

US / Canada – supports radio frequencies in the 902-928 MHz (ultra high frequency (UHF)) range.

Australia – supports radio frequencies in the 915-928 MHz (ultra high frequency) range.

Europe – supports radio frequencies in the 865.6 - 867.6 MHz (ultra high frequency) range.

RFID Tag Specifications

All RFID tags must be built to EPC class 1 generation 2 specifications (ISO 18000-6C).

RFID Tag Location

The RFID tag can be located on either the printed or non-printed side of the media, although printing on the tag is not recommended.

The RFID tag may be located within a large area of the media sheet and may be oriented either parallel to or perpendicular to the long edge of the media. The tag location limitations and recommendations are shown in the T65x RFID UHF User's Guide.

Other locations for the RFID tag may be acceptable. Please consult with the Lexmark Specialty Media Support Group for additional information. Do not place a large order for media without first verifying that the selected media design provides acceptable printing performance and transport reliability, and that the selected RFID tag is successfully programmed by the RFID Option.

See the RFID UHF Option User’s Guide Supplement for tag placement details.


The RFID UHF Option must be the first device placed under the printer. One input drawer is required below the RFID Option to contain the RFID media for printing and programming.

The fuser wiper included in the package is designed specifically for label applications. This fuser wiper is not recommended for duplex applications. It is recommended that Label Application print cartridges are used with this option.

The StapleSmart II Finisher (30G0850) may not be used with RFID media. The 5-Bin Mailbox (30G0852) is not recommend for use with the RFID media.

Setup: System integration is required. Contact your Lexmark representative for assistance.

Størrelse (mm - H x B x D) 105 x 420 x 510 mm
Pakkestørrelse (mm - H x B x D) 178 x 584 x 508 mm
Vægt (kg) 3.0 kg
Pakket vægt (kg) 4.55 kg
Produkt certificering R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC, CE Low Voltage (73/23/EEC), EN 55022:2006 Class B, EN 55024:1998, ETSI EN 302 208-1 V1.2.1:2008-04,ETSI EN 302 208-2 V1.2.1:2008-04,ETSI EN 301 489-1 V1.8.1, ETSI EN 301 489-3 V1.4.1, GS (TÜV), EN 60950-1, EN 60825-1, +A1, +A2, +A3, COFETEL, ANATEL
Pallevægt (kg) 107 kg
256MB Flash memory
Option Interface Card for printer
Option to printer Interface Cable
Lexmark Forms Composer Firmware card
Fuser wiper for Label Applications
User’s Guide and Programming Guide on CD