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Print Management and Output Tracking Software

Print Anywhere, Print Less

Your organisation is in a real battle to deliver more. More cost savings. More agility. More business results. Does your strategy include optimising your printing environment? Lexmark document output management solutions can accelerate your results, enabling “print anywhere” convenience and mobility without sacrificing security, and better visibility and cost control without stifling productivity. With the Print Release and Document Accounting solutions from Lexmark, you can create a secure, shared output environment while gaining true visibility into how your organisation captures, manages and accesses information.

The Lexmark Solutions Platform is the application framework that enables Lexmark developers to create server-based software solutions for Lexmark printing and imaging devices. Lexmark Print Release and Lexmark Document Accounting are among the first applications to be built on this new platform. What’s more, today Lexmark can offer these two solutions as on-premise software or as Software as a Service (SaaS) to maximize your performance goals and generate greater value from your investment.

Lexmark Print Release and Lexmark Document Accounting

Create a secured, shared printing and imaging environment with greater visibility and control.

Download “Software Solutions for the Lexmark Solutions Platform” brochure

Lexmark Deployment Options

Traditional On-Premise or Software as a Service.

Download the “Lexmark Deployment Options” brochure

Lexmark Print Release

With this pull-printing solution users print to the “cloud,” or a single network print queue, and go to any Print Release enabled printer or MFP to “release” or print their documents. The solution allows users to send print jobs to the queue from a computer, tablet, or smartphone, or by uploading documents to the queue through the Lexmark Solutions Platform web portal.

Lexmark Document Accounting

Lexmark Document Accounting is ideal for implementing with Lexmark Print Release. This powerful tracking and reporting software monitors all output activity on your output devices by individual users or user groups. Your organisation now has the high-quality data it needs to modify printing habits, better manage assets, and reduce print costs and waste.


  • Reduces printing costs and shrinks carbon footprint
  • Strengthens access controls, security and compliance
  • Gives users the power to print from mobile devices
  • Tracks activity and increases user accountability
  • Provides ability to implement user quotas
  • Adds redundancy, ensuring printer availability
  • Flexible deployment options, on-premise or SaaS
  • Introduces new functionality, seamlessly and cost effectively