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Queue & View

The Lexmark Queue & View solution uses a multifunction printer (MFP) and custom software to eliminate error-prone faxing by providing an onscreen view of the physician's order queue for fast, accurate follow-through - all for thousands less than competitive software solutions. With the Queue & View solution, STAT orders and automatically routed to the top of the queue. The pertinent patient information is read directly from a barcode on the order, so no additional processing is required to index the order for the queue. Once in the queue, a "notes" feature allows the clinician to add comments on the status of an order and place it in a pending category. Crisp scanned images of the doctor's order can be viewed onscreen, enlarged to help decipher poor handwriting, and printed if needed. In addition, nurses have the ability to view their order status online, reducing the time-consuming phone calls to check on orders.

Supporting Documentation

Queue&View Application Brief (269 KB)

Success Stories

OSF Saint Francis Medical Center (630 KB)

Illinois hospital improves patient care and staff productivity with Lexmark multifunction printers and routing software. New solution helps hospitals print less, save considerable costs on hardware, supplies and maintenance, while improving the medication order management process.

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