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Manufacturing & Distribution


Like your company, Lexmark is a manufacturing and distribution enterprise that understands it’s not just what’s inside the box that counts. Lexmark has the expertise and experience to help you streamline many operational processes and reduce costs in your supply chain and logistics operations.

Our industry-specific solutions help to reduce costs in your manufacturing and distribution operations, while improving quality and productivity levels. Their implementation allows for flexibility in addressing your specific process needs and assures compliance is attained in a secure workflow environment.

Success Stories

Dell (674 KB)

Dell reduces enterprise hardcopy printing costs by 50 percent with Lexmark solution.

Dixie Warehouse (591 KB)

Dixie Warehouse: Lexmark takes its own advice and solves a costly manufacturing problem.

Equipment Manufacturer (1.35 MB)

Lexmark's output strategy eases the pain of merging global enterprises.

Liberty Medical (285 KB)

At Liberty Medical, rapid growth in customer orders for medical supplies exposed some network printing limitations. Lexmark teamed up with Plus Technologies to design, deliver and install an integrated printing solution in just two weeks that added significant printing capacity and aggregated individual shipment orders into a single printed package, speeding up order fulfillment, eliminating the hassle of manual collation and ensuring the integrity of each customer order.

Midwest Diesel Engine Manufacturer (497 KB)

High-speed, high-quality colour laser printers from Lexmark curb spending on non-networked inkjet printers, reduce costs and help drive employee productivity for a major midwest diesel engine manufacturer.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer (420 KB)

Lexmark's output management solution saves pharmaceutical manufacturer time and money.

Suburban Propane (275 KB)

New Lexmark monochrome laser printers, electronic forms software and warranty support services help Suburban Propane increase printer uptime, reduce hardware help desk calls and decrease overall output costs.

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