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Professional Image

Colour Documents In-House

Colour makes your documents more noticeable and more memorable. Brand identification increases 70% when colour is added.*

You've invested a lot into your organisation's image. Protect it with professional printing to ensure your logo and style are exactly as you intend them to be.

With colour, you enhance your communication and your company's image at the same time.

Colour your world

The same Lexmark technology that gives you page after page of consistent, professional colour prints on a variety of media types and sizes - glossy, folio, executive, transparencies, and more. There's no reason not to show your colours to your clients, no matter what you give them.

Carry a consistent look for a company, division or product line across all materials - from packaging, to DVDs, to presentation folder, to letterhead.

Lexmark makes it happen and makes sure you look your best.

Colour Science

Our advanced Colour Science assures output consistency throughout our entire family of colour laser printers. No matter which Lexmark printer you are using, the results will look fabulous - and familiar!

ColourCare™ Technology

Ensure consistency among your colour pieces with this suite of tools. The ColourCare Technology enables you to manage exactly how colour is used in your organisation.

Pantone® Calibration

You can create colour-critical documents with confidence and ease. Some Lexmark printers are evaluated and calibrated by the Pantone Corporation, the authoritative colour experts.

Chemically Processed Toner

Our chemically process toner delivers a finer coat of toner particles on the paper. Image and text are crisp and clear, and graphics pop with colourful detail.

*Data cited from "Colour for Impact: How Colour Can Get Your Message Across or Get in the Way," by Jan V. White.