Swivel cabinet (25 cm, incl. storage)


The Swivel Cabinet has a top with detent positions that hold it in the proper forward or rear-facing position, yet can rotate 90 degrees to facilitate access to the product’s paper path.

This cabinet has a lockable drawer that holds up to 3 reams of Letter or A4 sized paper, or other supply items such as a toner cartridge carton.

The Swivel Cabinet cannot be used with the 2100-Sheet Tray or the Caster Base.

Tech Specs

Size (HxWxD)

263 x 476 x 600 mm

Packaged size (HxWxD)

368 x 692 x 591 mm


21.8 kg

Packaged weight

25.86 kg



Pallet weight

164.2 kg

Country of origin

United States