MarkNet N8110 V.34 Fax Card

MarkNet N8110 V.34 Fax Card

Store faxes on hard disk (if installed) or in flash memory (up to 18MB)

An internal card to support fax using a RJ-11C connector with modem transmission speeds up to 33.6 Kbps maximum, V.34 Half-Duplex. Store faxes on hard disk (if installed) or in flash memory (up to 18MB)

Part no.: 37X5125
Modem Speeds:

33600, 31200, 28800, 26400, 24000, 21600, 19200, 16800, 14400, 12000, 9600, 7200, 4800, 2400bps

Speed Dials

Based on a 10 digit phone number with a shortcut limit of 512 characters: With a Disk – 1800, without a disk – 500.

Group Fax

46 locations based on 10 digit numbers whereeach number is a location, with a maximum of 512 characters. Supported by Speed Dials and the user operator panel.


400 locations (each number in a group fax is a location)

Fax Storage

If a hard disk is installed, faxes are stored on the hard disk. The fax storage size on the hard disk is the size of the hard disk less 1GB.

If a hard disk is not installed, faxes are stored on the flash memory. The maximum fax storage size on flash is 18 MB.

ReDirect E-mail

Fax ReDirect E-mail Address Storage = 512 characters

Dialing Retry

No Answer – 1 Additional Retry, Busy – 0 to 9 Additional Tries, default= 5, Frequency – 1 to 200 minutes, default = 3 minutes

Other Fax Features

Block Junk Fax (Banned List, Based on caller ID and remote station ID), Caller ID Support, Fax Forwarding (to another fax machine, e-mail, FTP, eFS, or LDSS). HalfTone, Maximum Broadcast locations (400), Group Fax (Broadcasting), Manual Fax, Fax from PC using Postscript driver, Fax Shortcuts, Fax Content (Text, Text/Photo, Photograph), Fax Preservation, LDAP Lookup

Packaged size (HxWxD) 40 x 153 x 222 mm
Overpack size (HxWxD) 236 x 420 x 316 mm
Overpack quantity 20
Overpack weight 4.4 kg
Packaged weight 0.18 kg
UNSPSC code 43201545
Product certifications CFR 47, Part 68, ACMA “A-Tick” mark AS/ACIF S002:2005, AS/NZS 60950-1:2003, CS-03, COFETEL to NOM-EM-151-SCTI-1999, CNC ANATEL, SUBTEL, MTC, R&TTE ETSI ES 203 021-2, -3, MOC, Russian Ministry, Russian Declaration of Compliance validated by Federal Communications Agency, ICASA, TK, TEC, JATE, MIC, SIRIM, PTC MII Network Access License , NCC
Pallet weight 113.4 kg
Country of origin China (PR)
Modem speed 33.6 kbps
Connectors One RJ-11C