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Environmental, Health & Safety

Environmental initiatives that encompass every aspect of our global business

Lexmark always strives to provide industry-leading environmental practices that not only relate to our products, but to everything we do, everywhere in the world.

To focus these efforts, we have launched the Lexmark Environmental Program, making it a top priority for our employees throughout the company. The Program has three main areas of concentration:

The way we design our products and services.

Lexmark is an environmentally responsible provider of products and services. This begins with the way we design with the environment in mind, to how we engineer our packaging to reduce materials all the way to the collection programs we provide.

The way we manage resources

Lexmark is a good environmental steward of natural resources by practicing energy conservation and waste minimization. We provide office recycling programs, product recycling, and cartridge remanufacturing and recycling.

The way we live and work

Lexmark is an environmentally responsible neighbor and employer. That is why we have environmental management systems, consistently adhere to regulatory compliance and venture into community partnerships.

The Lexmark Environmental Program is a comprehensive series of initiatives involving our employees, partners and customers while developing customer satisfaction, resource preservation, and a safe and healthy work environment.