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Mobile Professional Suite

Critical printed information wherever, whenever it’s needed

Workers are more mobile than ever and more reliant on technology to increase productivity. Whether on the road or in the office, workers use PDAs, cell phones and USB flash drives for quick, convenient access to information. The need to print documents confidentially, securely and when required is even more critical for knowledge workers. Typical options for retrieving hardcopy while mobile are time consuming and expensive. Plus the inability to get printed information in a timely manner can create gaps in customer service and the potential to lose business

Lexmark created the Mobile Professional Suite, now in its third version, to provide an easy way for workers to get the hardcopy information they require. The solution can be used as a suite or as individual components to enhance a specific business process.

The suite consists of these essential tools:

Mobile Print – Print or fax emails and/or the attachments directly from your mobile device. If you can send an email you can use mobile print. When an email arrives on your mobile device send it to any postscript printer inside your network and pickup your print job. If you do not have access to internal printers then you can send it to any fax number and pick up your job at that fax machine.

Print Release – Send a print job from your workstation or mobile device and have the job print out when you are ready to pick it up. The job does not print until the user authenticates their credentials at the device. Authentication can be a user name and password or more complex methods like proximity cards, mag-stripe cards or Smart Cards. No more confidential jobs and/or unclaimed job sitting on printers.

Thumb Print – If you have a flash or thumb drive you can print from it or scan to it with select Lexmark devices. Select Lexmark MFPs and printers have a USB port located on the front of the device just for this purpose. Out of the box, users can print PDFs from their flash drives and scan PDFs to their flash drives. This solution expands on the out of the box functionality to include additional file formats like Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

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