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Automate Bank Operations with
Secure Check Printing

MICR Check Printers and Toner

Laser check printing solutions from Lexmark and the MICR experts at Source Technologies provide an affordable way to securely print paper checks on demand. Magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) is the first choice of financial services for printing secure documents such as cashier’s checks, starter checks, counter checks, dividend checks, and other types of official paper checks. Specially engineered Lexmark laser printers combined with quality MICR cartridges and secure check printing software from Source Technologies helps deter theft and fraud, and provides a solution for securely producing quality MICR documents on plain check stock.

MICR Printing Solutions

Innovative MICR solutions from Source Technologies, an industry pioneer.

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ST9600 MICR Printers

Secure MICR check printer configurations from Source Technologies.

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Source Technologies CheckPartner Enterprise

An overview of CheckPartner Enterprise, Web-based MICR check printing software.

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Benefits of Lexmark MICR

  • Provides a fast and efficient solution for printing checks at the
    teller counter.
  • Eliminates the need for costly pre-printed MICR encoded
    check stock.
  • Greatly reduces check fraud through strong security features, including encryption and print confirmation.
  • Supports secure, remote distributed printing of MICR documents.
  • Provides opportunity for new sources of revenue, such as
    charging for personalized checks.