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Improve Continuity of Care during
Hospital Downtime

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Gwinnett Medical
Not-for-profit eliminates printing of rarely used reports.

Not-for-profit eliminates printing of rarely used reports.
Downtime Reports Video

Downtime Reports
Don't just survive downtime. Thrive.

Downtime Reports Video

Downtime Reports Solution

In many hospitals and clinics, departmental downtime procedures to ensure continuity of patient care during a system outage require staff to manually print backup copies of essential medical record forms and reports. Such policies generate enormous paper waste; in addition, not having access to the most current patient information can be risky.

Lexmark Downtime Reports offers a better solution. Throughout the day, critical documents are digitally copied from the network and saved to the printers located in your nursing stations. During a computer downtime or network failure, authorized staff can quickly print the reports, patient charts and other documents they need by selecting them on the touch screen. When the downtime ends, barcoded documents can be scanned on the same device to quickly update the HIS record, without the hassle and errors of manual indexing.

Lexmark Downtime Reports

Improve continuity of care during computer downtime.

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  • Eliminates need for hardcopy back-ups and shredding.
  • No designated downtime PC or printer is required.
  • Documents cannot be accidentally erase or lost if the printer is powered down.
  • Multi-layered hard disk security keeps patient information protected.
  • Displays documents in folder views for fast, easy access.
  • Quickly update records once the system is back online.