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Laser RFID Technology

The Lexmark T640rn is the first device on the market to combine RFID capability with laser printing technology, bringing your company a flexible, affordable alternative to current RFID solutions. The Lexmark solution can speed up distribution processes and increase productivity by printing on a wide variety of different types and sizes of media, including legal-size documents.

The Lexmark T640rn, when paired with Lexmark Document Distribution Suite (LDSS), offers an easy solution designed to help meet your demands that are also scalable and deployable across the enterprise. This solution has the added advantage of leveraging the same device for a wide variety of applications beyond RFID tags to help consolidate devices and streamline your processes to improve productivity

Supporting Documents

> Universal RFID Driver demo

RFID Printer Driver (5,550 KB)

New Technology Requirements for RFID Business Applications (2,419 KB)

T640rn Spec Sheet (1,362 KB)

Generic Combo (72 KB)

Generic Shipping label (60 KB)

 RFID Utilities Flyer POD (1.68 MB)

 RFID Legal POD (1.04 MB)

 RFID Qualifier (25.7 KB)

 Intelligent Documents (912 KB)

 M&D Warehouse (2.08 MB)

Success Stories

 SAI Timing & Tracking

Whether it’s tracking warehouse inventory, factory-floor product assembly, or timing marathon runners, inexpensive, disposable and reliable RFID tags are quickly displacing barcodes and electronic transponders.