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Shipping Bills of Lading

Ensure shipments move on schedule and include all the paperwork mandated by government requirements.

The Lexmark Digital Bill of Lading solution provides up-to-the-minute accuracy and improves operational efficiencies. This solution captures the print job, adds barcodes and prints a one-page BOL on plain paper. When the shipment is complete and signed, users simply insert the form into the multifunction device scanner and select the visual icon on the color touch screen to automatically process the BOL.

This eliminates pre-printed forms inventories, merges shipment data with form images for on-demand printing and routes documents digitally to customers, carriers, internal departments, U.S. Customs or electronic file storage. On-line access to information can result in huge cost savings, easier customer support and increased visibility.

Supporting Documentation

A Bills of Lading Solution for the Trucking Industry White Paper (627 KB)

An Automated Bills of Lading Solution (402 KB)