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Student Recruiting FAQs

Internship, Co-op, and AYPT Positions

What is the difference between an AYPT, Co-op and Summer Intern?

An academic year part time (AYPT) student works for Lexmark all year on a part-time basis and attends college in Central Kentucky. A co-op is enrolled in a structured academic/work program within their school. These students rotate each semester between school and work until they have completed their school's co-op program requirements. They work full time during their work period and do not work at all during the subsequent school semester. Interns work full time during one term and may or may not receive college credit. It is most common to recruit interns for summer work only. While these students are not required to work beyond their single term, local students may be converted to academic year part-time status when school resumes.

Are the student positions paid?

Yes. All student positions are competitively paid. Your total credit hours earned and length of service with Lexmark are used to determine your rate of pay.

How many students come to Lexmark as interns?

Lexmark typically employs about 100 students throughout the year at our Lexington headquarters. Summer is Lexmark's busiest time for student employment with co-ops, interns and academic year part time students. These numbers vary from year to year.

Will the work be hands-on?

Yes, the work is definitely hands-on. In most cases, students are doing work that is similar to that of regular employees, depending on your experience, skills and education. We want you to get as much experience as possible while you are here with us.

What is the length of time required for me to work as an intern?

Summer interns are usually with Lexmark for three to four months between May and August.

How can I apply for a student position?

To apply, please complete the online application. Be sure to specify what type of student program you are interested in: AYPT, co-op or intern. Apply Now

What majors do you hire for student positions?

We hire mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering, chemical engineering, material science, chemistry, computer science, finance, accounting, marketing and sales and some general business.

Student Benefits

Will I receive any housing assistance?*

Lexmark provides luxury housing for all students who live more than 50 miles outside of Lexington*. Apartments come fully furnished and include a weekly cleaning service.

Will I be required to have a roommate?

No. Lexmark provides each student with a private room, complete with a kitchenette. While you can enjoy your privacy, you are also located close to other interns and co-ops and will have plenty of opportunity for interaction. Select housing comes with pool and fitness room access.

Are there student programs during the summer?

Yes. Different activites go on during the summer for students including lunch and learn sessions with executives, a Career Start Symposium, student picnic, etc.

Am I eligible to work for Lexmark?

Student applicants should meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Enrolled full time in an accredited university (12 hours undergraduate, 9 hours graduate)
  • Must have permanent U.S. work authorization
  • Preferred GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale

*Certain restrictions apply.