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2011 Corporate Social Responsibility Report


Society Page

Lexmark sells its products in over 170 countries around the globe and has facilities or offices in more than 70 of those nations. Such a broad footprint makes it imperative that our operations have a positive effect on the citizens of those communities in which we do business.

We strive to be a company that people welcome into their community; the kind of company they’d want to work for — a company that cares. Charitable giving, volunteerism, educational support and commitment to diversity are part of the culture at Lexmark. Those commitments are not only good for society, but the goodwill they generate is beneficial to Lexmark.

The need for societal contribution is ongoing and we continually seek opportunities to improve in this area. In this section, we document our efforts to have a positive social impact and discuss some of our plans for future initiatives.


Diversity Group
Diversity at Lexmark

Embracing our differences makes Lexmark a better place to work.
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Cane Run Cleanup
Volunteerism at Lexmark

Lexmark supports the communities where our employees live and work through our volunteer efforts.
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Financial Contributions
Lexmark Financial Contributions

Lexmark’s commitment to its communities takes tangible form in donations of equipment, providing volunteers and offering financial support.
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Inspire Award
Lexmark's Inspire Award

Lexmark recognizes middle and high school teachers across Central Kentucky for outstanding contributions in science, technology, engineering or math education.
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