X790 Series

Get your business just what it needs to get more done.

The huge 10.2-inch color touch screens make it simple to use all the powerful features of the X790 Series. Get professional quality results with built-in duplexing, optional finishing and brilliant printing.

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Set the pace for increased productivity.

Get the features you need to get more done. It's as simple as that with the X790 Series.

Look professional. Work smarter.

The X790 Series delivers professional looking documents with ease thanks to simple-to-use touch screens and finishing options.

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Model Duplex Printing Standard Sheet Capacity Finishing Options
X792DE Yes 650 pages None
X792DTE Yes 1,750 pages None
X792DTFE Yes 1,750 pages Stapler
X792DTME Yes 1,750 pages Mailbox
X792DTPE Yes 1,750 pages Stapler and Hole Punch
X792DTSE Yes 1,750 pages Offset Stacker