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Lexmark Smart Solutions

Thank you for your interest in Lexmark SmartSolutions. Lexmark has exited the inkjet market and no longer manufactures or sells inkjet printers. As a result, we will no longer be supporting theSmartSolution platform, which was created specifically for Lexmark inkjet printers. No new SmartSolution accounts may be created and Lexmark will not be releasing further updates for the existing solutions. This change, however, will not impact the functionality of your Lexmark device, which will continue to operate normally.

As a convenience for customers who are already successfully using SmartSolutions, you may still access your account.

If you are experiencing an error message on the touch screen of your printer related to SmartSolutions, you can uninstall SmartSolutions completely from your printer by resetting the factory defaults. Please note that doing this will return your Lexmark device to its factory settings and you will lose all data and custom settings and configurations added to the device. To reset factory defaults: Tap the Setup/Wrench icon and then choose ‘Restore Factory Defaults’.