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Lexmark Data Transformer v3.3

Lexmark Data Transformer v3.3 provides data sort, conditional logic, mathematical manipulation and document routing capabilities.


Data Transformer consists of three applications:

1. Data Transformer, a server application which processes incoming data based upon a previously generated script; 2. Data Config, a server application used to initialize Data Transformer; 3. Data Composer, a script generation tool. Use Microsoft scripting language: Visual Basic Scripting or JScript for script creation.



Script-based software separates a batch spool file into multiple documents in one scripted step.

Each separate Windows print queue having a unique assigned script enables a different process for each batch spool file.

Using a single script, automatically send a batch job to a group of destinations including Lexmark printers and multifunction products.

Customize and redirect a host spool file containing a single document.

Scripts can be created and customized to perform a process on individual jobs within a batch spool file, insert pages (fax cover or separator) or print-ready files between individual jobs, sort individual jobs (by zip code for bulk mail) or divide output among a group of printers.


Consideration - performance and processor requirements:

Network bandwidth, i.e., WAN speed and traffic, dial-up or T1; Size and properties of transaction, i.e., number of pages, resolution; Schedule peaks, i.e., number of simultaneous server connections.



For Data Composer:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional (SP4) 
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP1 or SP2 


For Data Transformer Server, Data Config:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Server (SP4) 
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition 
  • Recommended minimum RAM and disk requirements - dedicated server with 512MB RAM and 512MB free disk space