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Connect Distributed Workforce

Connecting people, information and ideas

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Helping people make informed decisions depends on having information in the right form where and when it is needed.

Today, work happens anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Whether it’s at corporate facility or at home or a remote office, many jobs are mobile, and this is a challenge for connecting people with information.

We recognize and embrace the reality of a mobile and distributed workforce. It’s our goal to give your employees reliable access to accurate content, so they can interact with a complete, relevant view of information to meet customers’ needs.

How to connect your distributed workforce:

  • Capture all types of content easily
  • Extract, organize and share data with people and processes
  • Consolidate information in one repository yet synch it with other technologies


Provide patients, physicians, payers and employees better access to information. Watch response times improve and productivity increase in a timely, cost-effective manner.
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Keep customers. It’s not whether it’s in-store or online, you have to make sure it’s not elsewhere. Connect your workforce, validate, analyze data and improve your processes and the customer is yours.
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Financial Services

Manage customer transactions with efficiency and consistency. Ensure that compliance is achieved across the enterprise.
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Automate workflows to speed up the approval process. Import data, automatically index and provide authorized users access to the documents they need.
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