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Departmental Solutions

Save time and money. Gain more visibility and control.

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Lexmark provides your organization with innovative departmental solutions designed to drive financial performance while enhancing visibility and control.

Accounting and Finance

Knowledge workers can’t do their jobs if they don’t have access to the right information. With our process and content solutions, your team will have fast, secure access to the documentation they need—making them more productive, more of the time.

Invoice Processing

Perceptive Software invoice management and processing solutions let you easily capture, access, manage and route any type of invoice or other document alongside any business application and process.
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Electronic Procurement Processing

Make purchase requests, pricing agreements, correspondence and proofs of delivery readily available to personnel who need them.
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Purchase Card Processing

Purchase cards (p-cards) offer your organization increased cost control and streamlined ordering and payment.
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e-Invoicing and Electronic Invoice Processing

Create an efficient, streamlined invoice process that eliminates paper and provides a document that’s easily accessible when needed.
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Electronic Payment Capture

Our solutions work with virtually any printing system to let you capture, organize and manage check images and electronic payment data automatically.
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Expense Report Processing

This solution dramatically decreases the time it takes to submit, review, approve, bill and report on expenses.
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Human Resources

When your team has an easier way to manage all types of employee documentation, they can fast-track departmental processes like recruitment, onboarding, employee reviews, human resources (HR) compliance and more.

Employee Onboarding

Automate and streamline your new employee onboarding process for a smooth transition for new hires and your staff.
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Employee Recruitment

Give your HR staff the ability to quickly fulfill your company’s human resources recruiting and talent acquisition goals to fill positions faster.
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Employee Management

Improve your employee records management by tracking workflow, signatures and documents—even if the information is in paper form.
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Employee Direct Access and HR Portals

This solution seamlessly integrates with your HR portals, freeing HR staff and giving employees easy access to information in their personnel files.
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Employee Separation Process (Offboarding)

Ensure a smooth process by more efficiently managing your organization’s documentation for employee termination.
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Human Resources Compliance

Track and log documents to more easily meet human resources compliance standards and simplify HR audits.
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Whether it’s as simple as creating a service contract or as complex as managing a law firm’s extensive paper trail of contract records, you need efficient solutions for handling your organization’s legal documentation.

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