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Perceptive Software Invoice Processing
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e-Invoicing and Electronic Invoice Processing

Get direct access to e-invoice images and documents from your financial apps

Perceptive Software partners with e-invoicing software leader OB10 to create an efficient, streamlined invoice process that eliminates paper and provides a document that’s easily accessible when needed.

Perceptive Software extends the value of OB10 by allowing you to link invoice images along with their transactional data to your financial application for further processing and instant retrieval.

Using Perceptive content management and OB10 for e-invoicing, you can:

  • Eliminate paper processing
  • Provide instant access to invoice images directly from your financial system
  • Reduce data-entry errors and increase accuracy
  • Cut processing time with single-click access to all invoice-related documents
  • Organize invoices from all sources in one place for timely processing and instant retrieval
  • Streamline matching, approval and payment by routing invoice-related documents alongside your financial application
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