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Solutions for Expense Processing
Discover how Perceptive Software solutions simplify expense reporting and p-card processing with smooth integration between our solutions and your business software.


Supercharged p-card processing
Find out how one company with 3,000 p-card transactions a year was able to cut two work weeks out of its cycle for p-card processing.

Purchase Card Processing

Capture documentation for easy reconciliation and reporting

Purchase cards (p-cards) offer your organization increased cost control and streamlined ordering and payment. But p-card management still requires documentation, and that can impede even the most effective approach.

Perceptive Software solutions for purchase card management easily capture receipts, packing slips and other documents associated with p-card transactions. So you have instant access to information that supports p-card payment, reconciliation, reporting and other procedures. Our purchase card management technology also offers advanced automation and data collection options that dramatically accelerate steps like assigning GL codes.

Perceptive Software p-card management solutions let you:

  • Link transaction documentation with p-card records to speed payment processes
  • Reduce improper card use by distributing policies automatically to applicable staff
  • Direct documents automatically through settlement workflow, from review to general ledger
  • Ease reporting, reconciliation and audit preparation by rapidly collating p-card documentation
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