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Simplify your employee separation process.

See how to easily validate employee documentation and completed tasks.

When employees leave your company, the offboarding process needs to run smoothly. Let Lexmark’s Human Resources (HR) information workflow solutions show how you can do this effortlessly.

Our powerful solutions allow you to manage documentation for employee separations and help ensure that the process is quick and easy.

Manage content from a central location

You can oversee all employee information from one location—plus share information with other departments, letting them instantly view and update only the information they need to see.

You can even automatically start a separation checklist for all necessary departments, so the right personnel can easily view and submit employee data to speed up the termination process.

Other innovative capabilities include automatically notifying payroll, benefits and IT of pending separation tasks. Tracking the employee termination process from beginning to end by keeping information and workflow progress visible. And securing employee data by redacting sensitive information and blocking access to confidential documents.

Last but not least, our HR information workflow solutions streamline and speed up the employee termination process by routing documentation and related information to multiple contacts simultaneously.

Benefits of Employee Offboarding Solutions

  • Provides greater control with centralized information management
  • Simplifies employee offboarding with convenient checklists
  • Streamlines the workflow process while keeping employee data secure

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