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BLI awards Lexmark's Testing and Grading Solution

Buyers Laboratory Inc
BLI awards Lexmark's Testing and Grading Solution

Mobile County Public Schools
Success Story

Mobile County Public Schools
Automated system pays off for Alabama school system.

Golden Valley School District
Success Story

Golden Valley Unified School District
California educators improve test scoring and parent feedback.

Little Kids. Big Tech.

Little Kids. Big Tech.
How strong leadership and seamless technology integration are creating 21st-century learners.

Performance Matters
Partner Link

Performance Matters
Lexmark and Performance Matters are strategic partners in developing solutions for improving instruction and learning.

Testing & Grading

Identify student successes and gaps, and keep your students on track.

What would you do with the extra time saved from planning and conducting student assessments? You will be surprised at how much time our testing and grading solution can save administering classroom-based, school-wide or district-wide assessment programs.

With Lexmark’s Testing and Grading education solution, you can print test materials on demand, eliminating the need for costly pre-printed bubble sheets. The solution seamlessly pre-slugs student information by pulling data from your student information system (SIS).

Once students have taken tests, scan the completed tests to automatically score them and see results in minutes. A variety of automated reports can be generated on demand that allow you to analyze student performance and provide insight. In addition, the solution can easily connect to various electronic grade books and assessment management systems.

Let us increase your teaching time and streamline the assessment process in your classroom, school or district.

Lexmark Testing and Grading Solutions

Accelerate your students' race to the top.

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Hosted Testing and Grading

A technical white paper that describes how cloud hosting can be a cost effective solution for resource-strapped schools.

Download the Hosted Testing and Grading White Paper

Benefits of Testing & Grading Solutions

  • See student results in minutes
  • Provides insight and perspective
  • Integrates with student information systems (SIS)
  • Automated reports generated on demand

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