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FOIA Solution
Learn how Perceptive solutions simplify the FOIA request process.

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Perceptive technology fuels operational efficiency and removes workflow bottlenecks in every department.

State Court Case Management Software

Solutions for faster, more informed decisions

As court systems’ caseloads increase, so does the volume of paperwork and data. Each case generates a tide of information that must be copied, filed, processed and made available 24/7 to other agencies and departments in their case management systems.

To create efficiencies and remove workflow bottlenecks, courts turn to Perceptive Software process and content management solutions. Our court case management software captures documents and information, links them to records in your legal software, organizes information for easy retrieval and enhances collaboration among staff. This enables you to transition from time-consuming and expensive manual processes to an efficient, automated workflow.

Our court case management software allows your staff to:

  • Organize case files regardless of file type and automatically link them to the client’s record in your court services software
  • Keep court cases on schedule by ensuring accurate and timely information that can be accessed on demand
  • Ensure privacy of confidential information and significantly reduce possibility of lost or misplaced files
  • Easily collaborate across courts and among colleagues to speed investigations and court proceedings
  • Put critical information to work inside structured and unstructured processes with powerful enterprise search technology
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