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Download the CAC Authentication Solution Overview.

CAC Authentication Solution Overview
Download the CAC Authentication Solution Overview

CAC Authentication

Enhance regulatory compliance to ensure that confidential information remains secure.

Information security is essential in every branch, department and office of the government. That’s why Lexmark’s Common Access Card (CAC) authentication solution provides safe workflow processes throughout your operations—by giving you more control over the security of networked Lexmark multifunction devices (MFPs).

This solution has been successfully implemented across all branches of the military, as well as many other federal agencies. For enhanced network security, it encrypts all network traffic, including electronic documents and paper-based data. And it creates a secure, yet easy-to-use interface, so your teams can share information safely and reliably, as well as efficiently and economically.

The interactive e-Task touch screen allows authorized users to perform any function without special training, while the reader is compliant with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards for CAC and HSPD-12 PIV cards. After reading the CAC data, the reader initiates the authentication process and secures the card until the MFP tasks are completed.

With years of experience working with government agencies, Lexmark can help improve your organization's operating efficiency—while keeping your output devices safe from unauthorized access.

Benefits of CAC Authentication Solutions

  • Delivers flexible and easy configuration for administrators
  • Holds confidential print – Print jobs held for authorized recipient
  • Validates card through Active Directory or OCSP for Tumbleweed or Corestreet

Industries Served

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