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Enhance regulatory compliance.

Ensure that confidential information remains secure.

Lexmark Mainframe Print Release, a print management solution, gives government workers convenient and secure output from their desktops, tablets or smartphones. Federal agencies demand ever-more secure networks and stronger user authentication. If your printers are networked, and employees are using Personal Identification Verification (PIV) cards, they can print from a mainframe and ensure that confidential information remains secure.

Users send their print jobs from mainframe applications like VistA, CPRS, and Windows to the cloud or to a single network print queue, rather than directly to the printer. The job waits for until the user’s identity is authenticated at any Print Release–enabled printer or MFP on the network, with no registration required. Then the job is released to the device for output. Sensitive documents aren’t on display at the printer, and print costs are reduced because unnecessary, wasteful printing is virtually eliminated.

Benefits of Mainframe Print Release Solution

  • Protects Personal Identity Information (PII)
  • Provides scheduled deletion of unreleased print jobs
  • Integrates with Active Directory via PIV (PKI certification)

Industries Served

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