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Military & Intelligence

Workflow solutions to enable military and intelligence operations.

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Secure Content Monitor

Secure Content Monitor
Lexmark Secure Content Monitor protects you from paper leaks, intentional as well as accidental, by tracking and auditing your most sensitive data.

To keep a military operation running safely and securely is a critical strategy. Lexmark’s secure print and imaging technology and workflow solutions help track and monitor, and collect data and automate workflows and approvals, while providing access to information anytime, anywhere.

Lexmark has taken a strategic approach to enable the unique requirements of military and intelligence operations. We have worked closely, over many years, to help solve a series of output-related technology challenges for government agencies—all while saving taxpayer dollars. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to help improve operational efficiency, securely share information, monitor activity to discover or even prevent security breaches, and reduce redundancy and waste in printing.

Miltary & Intelligence Solutions

Departmental Solutions for Military & Intelligence

Streamline document processing and improve workflow in daily business routines for accounting, finance, human resources and legal contract management.
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CAC Authentication

Assure authentication and guard critical data to protect against unauthorized access through networked MFPs.
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Secure Content Monitor

Prevent information leaks before they happen to keep sensitive documents safe, secure and in the right hands.
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