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Success Story

City of Greensboro
Learn how the City of Greensboro streamlined everyday business processes with Perceptive solutions.

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Perceptive Content
Perceptive technology fuels operational efficiency and removes workflow bottlenecks in every department.

Law Enforcement Software

Share critical information at the moment it’s needed

Making fast and well-informed decisions often hinges on access to the right information at the moment it’s needed. Nowhere is this more true than with public safety and law enforcement departments responding to critical situations daily. With Perceptive Software process and content management solutions, including our law enforcement software solutions, getting the right information to the people who need it is just a click away.

Behind a desk or out in the field, with Perceptive law enforcement software your staff will realize the following benefits:

  • Improve emergency response by giving field officers instant access to information
  • Integrate with your geographic systems for immediate access to plans, maps and other critical infrastructure information
  • Easily share information across agencies to speed investigations and court proceedings
  • Put critical content to work inside structured and unstructured processes with powerful enterprise search technology
  • Ensure privacy of confidential information and significantly reduce possibility of lost or misplaced files
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