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Departmental Solutions for State and Local Government

Business tools to streamline processes for more efficient government.

Delays. Redundancies. Exceptions and manual workarounds. Wherever state and local government agencies are manually processing documents and struggling to distribute data and information, inefficiency is always part of the equation.

Despite their best efforts to boost productivity and improve efficiencies, all state and local government agencies still scramble to quickly and easily integrate paper and digital content into their daily business routines. They still spend more time and resources than necessary to reconcile discrepancies and to locate information spread across the organization. As a result, managing payments, collecting fees and fines, determining eligibility and mitigating security risks turns into hours of manual input. No more.

Lexmark departmental solutions for state and local governments streamline document processing. We offer process and content management software that makes quick work of operations such as collecting and providing information for more efficient government and better services for citizens.

Our business software solutions reduce errors by automatically classifying and indexing incoming documents, which eliminates the need to rekey data into your existing enterprise applications. They increase throughput by extracting data with superior accuracy, which means you get more done in less time, using fewer resources. And they add valuable protections for confidential or sensitive information, which means your agency can step up security and compliance.

Most important, by bridging the information gaps between your processes, your systems and your people, Lexmark departmental solutions provide your agency with the holistic view it needs to meet the needs of the citizens of your community.

Departmental Solutions

Accounting & Finance

Your knowledge workers can’t do their jobs if they don’t have access to the right information. This is the typical scenario in organizations that have rigid, pre-defined workflows. Workers often waste valuable time, frustrating both employees and customers.
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Human Resources

Want to get your new employees on board faster? Need to shorten employee review processes? Want an easier way to meet (HR) compliance issues? And make all types of employee documentation more manageable?
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Your organization probably has to handle legal documentation in one form or another. It could be as simple as creating a service contract or as complex as a managing a law firm’s extensive paper trail of contract records.
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Benefits of Departmental Solutions for State & Local

  • Speed up workflow and reduce manual or repetitive tasks
  • Capture and convert meaningful information early and easily
  • Give authorized users fast, secure access to information

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