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Freedom of Information Act Request Processing

Freedom of Information Act Request Processing
Human Services case managers face an administrative challenge to deliver timely, efficient responses to FOIA requests.

Human Services Case Management

Provide more timely and efficient constituent service.

When you’re responsible for coordinating care and services to citizens in need, every process must run smoothly—from point of entry to service delivery, through monitoring and reporting.

You need solutions that fuel operational efficiency, improve teamwork and remove workflow bottlenecks, so staff can access critical information at the moment it’s needed.

With process and workflow solutions from Lexmark, you can modernize human services case management, providing case stakeholders with the information they need to make faster, fully informed decisions.

Our solutions enable you to organize case files, including all documents related to applicants, and automatically link them to the client’s record in your case management software application. Because workflows are automated, you can assign tasks and use digital annotations to speed reviews and approvals. We also offer the ability to automate the creation and delivery of personalized communications, such as notifications and correspondence.

You can also dramatically increase the value of your human services agency operations. Supply your clients with efficient and timely service, close the information gaps that can negatively affect processing of benefits, and increase security and controls for the protection of sensitive data and documentation.

Benefits of Human Services Case Management Solutions

  • Improves teamwork and information exchange among and between agencies
  • Automates notifications and communications
  • Helps you put information to work faster

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