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State boards of nursing solutions
Simplify the licensing process for state boards of nursing

Professional Licensing Boards

Improve your document processing for enhanced productivity.

State agencies use Lexmark process and workflow solutions to improve and speed the process of issuing licenses and permits. By automating applications and renewals, our solutions help you dramatically cut costs and processing time—whether your agency manages professional, occupational or business licenses.

Our licensure solutions allow you to instantly capture and securely store all types of documents—including application forms, identity documents, accreditations and certifications. They also speed processing time by automatically routing documents for reviews and approvals. And because your professional records are now more accurate and complete, you can provide faster responses to investigations, background checks and disciplinary actions.

Fulfill your mission to protect the public health, safety and welfare by creating a more efficient professional licensing board. Plus, remove bottlenecks in your licensing workflows while fostering greater productivity and effectiveness.

Benefits of Professional Licensing Boards Solutions

  • Accelerates application processing
  • Helps eliminate wasted time and data-entry errors
  • Saves paper and storage costs
  • Enhances security of confidential information

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