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Freedom of Information Act Request Processing

Freedom of Information Act Request Processing
Perceptive Software from Lexmark helps state court case managers respond quickly to FOIA requests.

State Court Case Management

As caseloads increase, so do paperwork and data.

What does it take to make the wheels of justice turn? Quite a lot these days. Court cases generate volumes of information—documents, email, images, video and audio—that must be coordinated and processed for multiple case management systems so that the information is available to other agencies and departments. It’s a tremendous amount of work with no room for error.

With so much potential for delays due to inefficient, error-prone workflows, it’s not surprising that many state courts are turning to Lexmark process and workflow solutions for help.

Lexmark state court case management solutions intelligently capture documents and information, linking them to records in your legal software and organizing the information for easy retrieval. By transitioning from time-consuming and expensive manual processes to efficient, automated workflows, courts can stay ahead of their ever-increasing caseloads and, at the same time, enhance teamwork.

Our solutions help you organize case files, regardless of file type. Court cases can be kept on schedule through accurate and timely information that authorized users can access on demand. Information security and privacy is enhanced. And the likelihood for lost or misplaced files is reduced.

Benefits of State Court Case Management Solutions

  • Streamlines information gathering from multiple sources
  • Simplifies the addition of new data, documents and images
  • Enables timely, secure access to information

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