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Solutions for Clinical Content and VNA

A more complete patient record

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ECM + VNA: The Basics
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Healthcare Solution Overview
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Healthcare organizations and clinicians are struggling with an incomplete patient story when relying on the electronic medical record alone for patient information. The reason? There’s a vast collection of unstructured content that the EMR does not manage--clinical images, digital photos, scanned documents and video files--and the volume of this content is growing exponentially.

Currently, this clinical content is being held captive in departmental PACS or document imaging systems. Not only does maintaining these disparate systems drain both hardware and IT resources, but the patient experience suffers when clinicians don’t have the information they need at the moment they need it. Plus, these disparate systems are often not interoperable, so content is not easily shared across the continuum of care.

Our healthcare solutions bridge the content gaps in your EMR, delivering all relevant content in the context of the patient to create a more complete patient record.

Perceptive Software from Lexmark integrates enterprise content management (ECM) and vendor neutral archive (VNA) technologies into a unified content platform. This powerful, integrated framework allows you to effectively and efficiently manage, store and access all forms of content in one enterprise content repository.

Our content-based medical record delivers all relevant information to clinicians and staff through a single universal viewer available within the context of the patient record, alongside the EMR.

Our solutions for clinical content and VNA enable your hospital to:

  • Improve patient outcomes through better access to more complete patient information
  • Improve the physician experience by delivering all clinical content through a common interface
  • Consolidate business and clinical information in one repository enabling a single access, retention and storage strategy
  • Reduce administrative complexity by working with a single vendor for all your content needs
  • Create a foundation for data liquidity and interoperability enabling timely physician decision-making, better collaboration and sharing of patient information
  • Protect patient privacy and support compliance with HIPAA and Joint Commission standards with strong security features

Vendor Neutral Archive Solution

Healthcare organizations struggle with clinical content that is held captive in departmental PACS systems. Not only does maintaining these disparate systems drain both hardware and IT resources, but outcomes can suffer when clinicians make decisions based on an incomplete patient picture.
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Content-Based Medical Record

Healthcare providers make clinical decisions based on the patient information available within the electronic medical record (EMR). However, the EMR provides only a limited view of the patient because information in the form of clinical images, digital photos, scanned documents and video files are not stored in the EMR.
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Solution for Clinical Document Access

Healthcare facilities struggle to consolidate, access and manage clinical documents in the context of the electronic health record (EHR). Often, documents are stored on hard drives, in email or as hard copies, giving clinicians and physicians no way to easily retrieve and process the content they need to provide timely care and service to patients.
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Solutions for Orders Management

Paper-based orders invite risk. They can be vulnerable to the inefficiencies of manual workflow processes. They hinder care team collaboration and can be difficult to promptly fill. This complex and error-prone process cannot benefit from the safeguards and efficiencies inherent in an electronic pharmacy system. Such challenges can compromise patient care.
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