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Content-Based Medical Record
Learn more about the benefits of having a single viewer for ALL content.


ECM + VNA: The Basics
Learn about the benefits of this unified content platform.


Healthcare Solution Overview
Learn more about all the Perceptive Software healthcare solutions.

Content-Based Medical Record

Healthcare providers make clinical decisions based on the patient information available within the electronic medical record (EMR). However, the EMR provides only a limited view of the patient because information in the form of clinical images, digital photos, scanned documents and video files are not stored in the EMR.

This unstructured, patient information is stored in multiple systems such as departmental PACS, document management or other ancillary systems. To access it, providers would have to navigate away from the EMR and manually locate the correct patient and encounter—and that’s if they have access privileges.

When providers lack a complete patient story, health outcomes suffer. What if your providers had a comprehensive view of all patient information, when they need it, within the context of the EMR?

Our content-based medical record locates and delivers all relevant, unstructured content through a single universal viewer available within the context of the patient record, alongside the EMR.

The content-based medical record takes advantage of Perceptive Enterprise Search and the content federation capabilities of our vendor neutral archive (VNA) technology to locate content regardless of where it exists — departmental PACS systems, repositories, medical devices, email systems, network shares and databases — delivering a complete patient picture to the provider.

The content-based medical record gives your hospital the power to:

  • Improve patient outcomes through access to more complete patient information
  • Improve the physician experience by delivering all content through a single viewer
  • Maintain patient context between displayed content and the EMR record
  • Deliver both DICOM and non-DICOM content within the same viewer allowing providers to see both clinical images and clinical notes simultaneously
  • Display multiple pieces of content at once including clinical images, photos, videos and documents
  • Facilitate wound management by displaying multiple wound progression photos simultaneously