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Orders Management
Learn how to increase efficiency and improve patient safety with our orders management solution.


Orders Management - An Easier Way to Reduce Risk
Learn how to put an end to the pitfalls of a paper-based orders process.

Solutions for Orders Management

Paper-based orders invite risk. They can be vulnerable to the inefficiencies of manual workflow processes. They hinder care team collaboration and can be difficult to promptly fill. This complex and error-prone process cannot benefit from the safeguards and efficiencies inherent in an electronic pharmacy system. Such challenges can compromise patient care.

Built using process and content management technology, Lexmark’s Orders Management solution helps put an end to the pitfalls of a paper process. By scanning written medication orders, users can create a digital image that can be linked to patient records and processed via electronic medication administration records (eMARs).

Following this approach, your organization can:

  • Improve pharmacy workflow efficiency by transmitting paper-based orders electronically
  • Increase patient safety by reducing transcription-related errors
  • Encourage collaboration between pharmacists and clinicians
  • Eliminate lost orders and streamline searching in pharmacy workflow
  • Elevate pharmacist and clinician satisfaction through more efficient administration and reduced redundancies
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