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Vendor Neutral Archive Solution

Healthcare organizations struggle with clinical content that is held captive in departmental PACS systems. Not only does maintaining these disparate systems drain both hardware and IT resources, but outcomes can suffer when clinicians make decisions based on an incomplete patient picture.

As an added challenge, the volume of clinical content is growing exponentially. With the genesis of 4D imaging techniques, the growing adoption of 3D imaging and the introduction of personalized genomic data, content types are multiplying.

Perceptive Software's vendor neutral archive (VNA) solution, powered by Acuo Technologies, establishes an open, standards-based technology platform for all clinical content, helping healthcare organizations worldwide manage and share all of this patient data across the continuum of care. This gives primary care physicians, referring physicians, radiologists, specialists, and ultimately the patient needed access to clinical content.

Our VNA solution helps you take control of your clinical content to create data liquidity and accelerate patient information to the point of need, while reducing hardware and IT costs.

With Perceptive's VNA you can:

  • Free your clinical content from departmental archives
  • Create a single integration point for all clinical content across all disciplines
  • Enable interoperability and data liquidity across multiple PACS, storage vendors, departments, clinics, hospitals and beyond
  • Minimize financial and operational impact, reducing costs through flexibility of choice in infrastructure, consolidation, bandwidth and "never again" migration
  • Improve performance, scalability and availability, through on-demand capacity growth, with no impact to caregivers

To learn more about vendor neutral archive and data migration services available from Acuo, part of Perceptive Software, visit www.acuotech.com.

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