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Solutions for Chart Deficiency Tracking

Physicians should be with patients, not signing charts in the HIM department. HIM analysts should be completing charts, not tracking down physician signatures.

Manually managing the chart analysis process inhibits physician and HIM team productivity, jeopardizes regulatory compliance and delays the revenue cycle.

The Lexmark solution for chart deficiency tracking enables hospital staff to capture patient documents, tie them to HIS records and make them available to HIM analysts, physicians, coders and other staff. To help you speed each stage of chart analysis, our chart deficiency tracking solution simplifies information management on the encounter and patient levels. HIM analysts can automatically route patient folders among individuals and departments and track the status of each chart and unit records in real time.

After analyzing the patient chart, analysts easily assign physicians deficiencies, such as signing documents, completing chart components and providing missing documents. Physicians can address deficiencies immediately from any location, within our solution or the HIS. Analysts then quickly complete re-analysis. No phone calls. No on-site visits from physicians. Using this solution, HIM staff can:

  • Easily identify and monitor the status of chart deficiencies
  • Assign deficiency-related tasks to physicians, which they can complete from any location
  • Share information with physicians, clinical and administrative staff without delays
  • Complete charts in compliance with regulatory time and security standards
  • Minimize chart storage overhead and free up floor space
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