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Medical Records
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Solutions for the Legal Medical Record

The typical healthcare organization uses more than 40 disparate health information technology (HIT) systems and over 150 different applications. Although such standards as HL7 have gone some way toward presenting uniform content that is consistent across the facility, most healthcare organizations still face the challenge of using multiple systems to manage patient-related content and medical records.

To compound the problem facilities still struggle with paper medical records. Manually managing records causes delays in getting information to and from medical coders, jeopardizes regulatory compliance, slows retrieval of patient information and incurs high storage costs.

We can make it easier.

Lexmark process and content management solutions for Medical Records enable hospitals to manage content throughout its lifecycle from a single source.

Whether it’s scanned paper chart components, unstructured report data, EDI 835 streams or any other form of information, our solutions unify all patient documentation in a secure electronic repository. Charts are available the second they’re scanned or imported.

Authorized users across the facility including remote coders can then easily retrieve and manage the information they need to schedule an encounter, code an event, admit a patient, or process an EOB and more.

As a result, your HIM team can:

  • Improve availability of patient information to authorized clinical and administrative staff
  • Boost productivity by providing on-site and remote coders with instant access to patient charts and documentation
  • Share information with physicians, clinical and administrative staff via automated workflows
  • Reduce storage costs and free up floor space
  • Safeguard confidential patient charts in a secure electronic repository
  • Elevate productivity by minimizing tasks such as manual indexing and chart retrieval
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