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Medical Records
Learn more about improving access with our solutions for Medical Records.


Release of Information
Learn more about the Perceptive Software Release of Information solution.

RAC Compliance and Management Solution

Manually managing reimbursement processes and documents is time consuming for staff and makes it difficult to fulfill requirements related to the RAC (Recovery Audit Contractor) program.

Organizations that use our process and content management technology are able to provide appropriate visibility to Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement claims for inpatient and outpatient visits, medical equipment and other eligible expenses.

Our solution for RAC compliance and management enables you to store documents in a secure electronic repository. You have a complete history of each document, including who accessed it and what action was taken. Hospitals using the RAC compliance solution can:

  • Quickly provide all necessary documentation to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) at a moment’s notice
  • Make it easy for auditors to identify discrepancies such as coding errors and duplicate payments
  • Protect documents with strong security features
  • Eliminate the need to hire additional staff and free up the schedules of existing personnel by eliminating paper-related manual tasks
  • Avoid penalties for failing to provide proof of medical necessity in a timely manner
  • Easily manage auditor requests and the tasks needed to prepare for audits
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