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Release of Information
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Chart Deficiency Tracking
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Solutions for Release of Information

Manually processing release of information (ROI) requests and the documents they require delays service to patients, insurance companies, legal practices and other requestors. You also face slowdowns with release of information billing and impediments to staff productivity.

We’ve got a better way—the Lexmark solution for release of information. Taking advantage of our process and content management technology, the solution helps you simplify every stage of the release of information process, from receiving requests to issuing chart components and the associated billing statements.

Now your hospital can capture incoming requests and route them to release of information clerks for immediate attention. Instead of manually entering data, you can pull requestor and patient data from databases and apply this automatically to the request. Collect required patient content simply by selecting a date range or other criteria. With a list of these documents presented for review, all you need to do is select the appropriate documents and automatically output the content to the chosen format, such as CD, print, e-mail and fax. As a result, your HIM team can:

  • Capture and route release of information requests for immediate processing by clerks
  • Speed fulfillment of release of information requests by eliminating manual steps
  • Simplify release of information billing
  • Improve the productivity of release of information clerks
  • Enhance the tracking of release of information requests with powerful reporting features
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