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Healthcare Overview
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Allscripts Integration Solutions

Perceptive Software solutions for Allscripts® provide healthcare organizations with a nonintrusive method for unifying paper and electronic documents with the electronic health record (EHR). Documents may join the Allscripts and Eclipsys EHR from a variety of sources: scanned paper, fax, email, Microsoft Office documents, captured data streams from clinical devices or reporting systems and more.

Built using our process and content management software, the solutions integrate seamlessly via a number of methods with Allscripts and Eclipsys systems. This integration enables physicians, nurses and other clinical staff to access and manage chart components directly from the applications they use daily – from scheduling, admissions and registration to HIM, the back office and clinical departments. With our Allscripts integration, your facility can:

  • Establish a comprehensive patient record that allows staff to access all the content they need in one place
  • Enhance patient satisfaction by speeding registration and other processes
  • Simplify chart deficiency tracking by proactively managing deficiencies
  • Synchronize data across the hospital via advanced HL7 messaging
  • Create a hybrid record that enables your facility to transition effectively from paper to a full EHR
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