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Complete the Epic Patient Record
Learn more about integrating Perceptive Software with your Epic EMR.

Case Study

Methodist Hospitals
Learn how Methodist uses Perceptive Software solutions to complete their Epic EMR.


Healthcare Overview
Learn more about all the Perceptive Software healthcare solutions.

Epic Integration Solutions

Healthcare organizations implementing Epic® applications make a strong statement about their commitment and dedication to patient care. Chances are, however, that patient information exists outside your Epic system and the patient’s story is not complete. Clinical images are stored in departmental systems. Endoscopy videos are stored on the network. Clinicians track wound care with digital photos stored on USB drives and memory cards. Does your Epic environment incorporate such documentation? Are your physicians forced to leave Epic to access content stored in department systems?

Perceptive Software solutions for Epic bridge the information gaps in your Epic system, delivering all relevant content in the context of the patient to create a more complete patient record.

Using our Epic integration, you can:

  • Improve patient outcomes through better access to more complete patient information
  • Minimize risk and meet Epic project timelines by working with our Epic-focused implementation teams who have delivered on-time, on-budget implementations at multiple Epic customer sites
  • Improve the physician experience by delivering all content through a common interface alongside the Epic EMR
  • Consolidate business and clinical information in one repository enabling a single access, retention and storage strategy
  • Reduce administrative complexity by working with a single vendor for all your content needs
  • Create a foundation for data liquidity and interoperability enabling timely physician decision-making, better collaboration and sharing of patient information

Key Features

We integrate enterprise content management (ECM) and vendor neutral archive (VNA) technology to create a unified content platform. This powerful, integrated framework allows you to effectively and efficiently manage, store and access all forms of content in one enterprise content repository including clinical images, digital photos, video content and other unstructured data.

Our content-based medical record locates and delivers all relevant, unstructured content through a single universal viewer available within the context of the patient record, alongside the Epic EMR.

Integration with Epic

A more complete patient record hinges on integration. Our innovative healthcare solutions are developed to meet industry standards and take advantage of available API integrations. In addition to Epic APIs, our solutions adhere to standards such as HL7, DICOM, and XDS interoperability.

Where Epic APIs are available, we take advantage of them to create seamless integrations between our solutions and Epic functionality. As new APIs are released by Epic, we continue to develop new integration points for our customers. To streamline unique workflows and processes where APIs don’t exist, customers use LearnMode™, our patented integration tool.

In all circumstances, we offer flexible options to meet our customers’ business and technology needs, while bridging the current technology gaps in their environments.

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