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Case Study

Citizens Memorial Healthcare
See how integration with MEDITECH provides single-click access to all documents.


Maximize Your MEDITECH Investment
Learn more about integrating Perceptive Software technology with your MEDITECH EHR.

MEDITECH Integration Solution

Perceptive Software process and content management solutions for MEDITECH® enable healthcare organizations to manage content throughout its lifecycle, wherever it’s needed in the facility. Our advanced process and content management solution goes beyond simple scanning and archiving to enable clinical and administrative staff across the facility to electronically manage patient and other information directly from records in MEDITECH—from scheduling, admissions and registration to HIM, the back office and clinical departments.

We provide healthcare facilities across the continuum of care (hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, etc.) with a nonintrusive solution for integrating paper and electronic documentation with their MEDITECH applications. Content may join MEDITECH from a variety of sources: scanned paper, fax, email, e-forms, digital photos, Microsoft Office documents, captured data streams from clinical devices or reporting systems and more. Every day, departments in hundreds of facilities realize the benefits of tight integration and solutions designed specifically for the MEDITECH environment. Integration is only half the story. Tailored specifically to work with your version of MEDITECH, whether MAGIC, Client/Server or 6.0, our solutions enable hospitals and other healthcare organizations to easily locate and access information previously outside the domain of MEDITECH, directly from a familiar environment. With our MEDITECH integration, your hospital can:

  • Establish a comprehensive patient record that enables staff to access all the information they need in one place
  • Maximize the value of your MEDITECH investment with powerful process and content management features that improve information availability, consistency and security across the facility
  • Analyze and refine clinical, administrative and departmental process flows for consistency and efficiency
  • Eliminate the need to maintain vulnerable paper charts, invoices, I-9 documentation, copies of documents and the need for additional storage space
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