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Solutions for Patient Access Management

Enhance patient satisfaction and speed scheduling and registration

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Unlock the Limitations of your MEDITECH Patient Access and Revenue Cycle Applications
The value of process and content management technology integrated with MEDITECH in Patient Access.


Patient Admissions
Learn more about our solutions for Patient Admissions.


Learn more about our solutions for Scheduling.

When patients come to your hospital for consultation and treatment, the last thing they want to do is wait. If unstructured information and uncontrolled processes plague your patient access department, waiting is exactly what your patients will do. And it’s not just patients, but staff too. They wait for documentation to arrive, wait to meet patients’ needs while manually processing insurance verification and redundant paperwork.

We’ve got a better way — Lexmark solutions for patient access.

Using these solutions, which feature our process and content management technology, healthcare organizations worldwide are efficiently and cost-effectively capturing, organizing and processing patient documents. Built upon a scalable, flexible, enterprise-wide architecture, these solutions integrate seamlessly with your HIS — often invisibly to the user. As a result, staff in your patient access department can:

  • Schedule visits for new and returning patients faster than ever before
  • Communicate with physicians to quickly address incomplete scheduling documentation
  • Jump-start insurance verification and precertification to accelerate the revenue cycle
  • Enable immediate access to patient information for HIM, patient finance and clinical floors
  • Increase patient satisfaction with a fast, one-time check-in
  • Collect accurate data that improves patient safety
  • Eliminate the costs and time-consuming tasks associated with processing redundant paperwork

Solutions for Patient Scheduling

Scheduling patient visits is document and labor intensive. Incomplete patient records delay care and the revenue cycle. Relying on manual processes and paper-based communication inhibits information sharing with clinical staff. Calling physician offices to address missing documentation takes time.
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Solutions for Patient Admission

Admitting patients at the front desk, emergency department and clinics can be time consuming and document intensive. Delays frustrate patients and staff. Slow admissions impede care delivery, the revenue cycle and HIM processes. Patients tire of filling out redundant paperwork during an encounter.
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