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Queue & View™

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Lexmark Queue & View™ improves the way handwritten physician orders are processed. Instead of faxing an order between departments, the order is scanned at the MFP and the digital image routed via the network to its destination. The image can then be viewed onscreen, enlarged to improve readability, annotated and printed if needed. Priority or stat orders are automatically moved to the top of the queue for immediate processing.

Bar code indexing allows medical orders to be queued based on record number, name, date of birth or other unique identifiers. In addition, it allows you to view order histories by timeframe, doctor, pharmacist, department, patient or other reporting options. In addition, nurses have the bility to view their order status online, reducing time-consuming follow-up phone calls to check on orders.

How your healthcare enterprise can benefit:

  • Reduces medication errors
  • Improves productivity of nursing staff and pharmacy
  • Results in fewer lost orders
  • Streamlines order process, medications get to patients sooner
  • Increases security and patient privacy
  • Provides a complete audit trail

Success Stories

Memorial Health System

Illinois health system improves operational efficiency.


OSF Saint Francis Medical Center

Illinois hospital improves patient care and staff productivity, while improving the medication order management process.


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