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Patient Finance
Overview of Revenue Cycle Management solutions for EOB and EDI processing.


Unlock the Limitations of Your MEDITECH Patient Access and Revenue Cycle Applications
Learn the value of process and content management technology integrated with MEDITECH in Patient Access.

Case Study

North Kansas City Hospital
Learn how this hospital streamlined their EOB processes using our solutions.

Solutions for Revenue Cycle Management

Efficiently manage the revenue cycle

Regardless of its size, each hospital faces common challenges when dealing with revenue cycle management. These include how to overcome the delays and errors associated with processing paperwork, how to capture and process EDI streams, dealing with exceptions and how to provide information access to coders and other staff working in remote locations.

Lexmark process and content management solutions for healthcare are helping hospitals worldwide solve these problems.

With our revenue cycle management tools, organizations like yours can manage patient-focused processes and content at the transaction level from the point-of-admission to payment collection. Instead of going to numerous disparate systems to find information, your cash posters, coders and other staff will have a single source for all the patient-related content they need to do their jobs well.

From paper EOBs to EDI 835, 220 and 221 streams to coding reports, our solutions enable your revenue cycle management team to easily manage processes and content efficiently and cost-effectively. Seamless integration allows our solutions to work hand in hand with your health information systems (HIS), ensuring your teams have the whole patient story, right in front of them.

Advanced data mining, process design and process control features enable managers to have a birds’ eye view of key revenue cycle processes, enabling them to make informed, real-time adjustments that will speed the revenue cycle and facilitate timely payment collection.

EOB Processing

With our solution for EOB processing, facilities can capture paper EOBs via scanning and tie individual pages to corresponding patient records in the billing system. It is still possible to access other pages in a multipage EOB by using the convenient "view related pages" function. Powerful redaction tools enable cash posters to mask sensitive patient information electronically, eliminating the need to obscure such data manually.

EDI 835 Processing

Our solutions for EDI 835 processing offer hospitals a sophisticated yet user-friendly method to capture and parse multi-patient EDI 835 streams automatically. A flexible array of integration options enables you to link individual pages to patient records for seamless access and enhanced workflows. The result is an uninterrupted revenue cycle process that empowers a faster, less labor-intensive cash posting process.

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