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Office Solutions

Accounts Payable

Ease the burden of processing purchase orders and invoices with Lexmark digitized workflow solutions.

Eliminating the delays in processing accounting documentation can improve your ability to capitalize on terms and discounts, resulting in increased overall cash cycles. Invoices can be scanned at the point of receipt and archived immediately into your Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), allowing for easy retrieval by the main office, manufacturing facilities or distribution centers.

Success Stories

Lexmark's Accounts Payable department uses the company's own Multifunction Printer and software routing technology to dramatically improve its processes.

Download the Lexmark Accounts Payable Department Success Story


Human Resources

Easily move confidential HR documents into an accessible and secure online system..

With widely distributed offices and plants, it's important to have an efficient hiring process. With Lexmark's paper-to-digital solution, you can save time, reduce manual handling and decrease the likelihood of losing documents. Documents can be securely sent, saved or retrieved, decreasing exposure to fraud and regulatory compliance issues.

Download the HR Paper-to-Digital Solution


Download the HR Kiosk Solution


Legal and Contracts

Speed up the time-consuming manual process of finalizing and delivering contracts and other legal documents.

Contract finalization and execution between corporate and remote offices can be hampered by slow paper movement. Lexmark provides a high-speed "on-ramp" to scan paper into document workflow and the leading document management systems, including iManage, Hummingbird, EMC Documentum and FileNet.

With Lexmark Multifunction Printers (MFPs) and our Lexmark Document Solutions Suite (LDSS), legal documents and contracts can be moved from paper into digital formats, so they can be delivered to the appropriate recipients in seconds. Once stored on-line, these documents can be retrieved by all appropriate parties as needed, so your Legal department can work at full potential.

Lexmark makes it easy to put more into your Legal department Document Management System.

Download the EDMS Integration Solution


Download the Contract Scanning Brief


Secure Print Anywhere

Print jobs can be stored in a secure folder on the server to be printed where and when you want them, providing significant security and user flexibility when retrieving printed documents.

Lexmark Print Release offers the flexibility to hold jobs on a secure server until the job owner authenticates in to release them. Authentication can be done by swiping a security badge across a proximity card reader on the printer or by logging into an MFP eTask interface. Print jobs can be retrieved from any printer or MFP attached to the network.

Even if your area workgroup printer is unavailable, your jobs can still be printed when you need them on another network device. With just the swipe of the badge on any networked printer, a list of available print jobs for the person swiping can be displayed, regardless of location of the device, for the user to choose which of their jobs they want to print. And the system can automatically purge print jobs left on the server after a predetermined time to free up space on the server and eliminate unnecessary waste of paper.

Learn more about Lexmark Print Release

Distributed Fleet Management

Lexmark's Distributed Fleet Management services help manufacturers and distributors maintain control of their output devices with a minimal amount of effort by letting the experts do the work. We can help optimize printer uptime, minimize consumables expenditures and free up resources to keep manufacturing and distribution facilities focused on their core competencies.

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