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Logistics Document Management for Manufacturing

Logistics Document Management for Manufacturing
Learn more about how our LDM solution improves and expedites your processes.

Lexmark Digital Bill of Lading
White Paper

Digital Bill of Lading
Accelerate your logistics operations with digital BOL workflow.

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Accelerate your logistics operations with digital BOL workflow.

Logistics Document Management for Manufacturing

Get a clear view of your shipping and receiving operations

You move goods on a very large scale. Having a clear picture over your operations and the movement of those goods is critical for business. But, managing logistics operations with paper-based processes restricts the movement of every inbound and outbound shipment. This makes important information contained in bills of lading (BOLs) and other shipping and receiving forms difficult to process and track.

With our Logistics Document Management (LDM) solution for manufacturing, use state-of-the-art capture technology and electronic processes to streamline tasks related to shipping and receiving forms. Our flexible platform seamlessly integrates with your operations to enhance the functionality of your existing logistics systems.

With LDM for manufacturing, you can:

  • Capture, classify and route documents automatically: Electronically process and file documents as soon as you get them. With LDM you can move documents through your workflow automatically and gain full visibility to all the information driving your logistics operations
  • Streamline how you process BOLs: With Intelligent Capture, perform template-free classification & extraction of line-item data on BOLs, validate that information against your systems of record and export the data into the systems that need the information.
  • Reduce high turnover in your shipping and receiving departments: Reduce the amount of mundane, manual data entry by automating much of the document processing thereby freeing up your staff to engage in higher value tasks.
  • Get rid of those filing cabinets: File information electronically for faster and more efficient content management. Gain instant access and facilitate easy retrieval across your enterprise instead of keeping track of paper.
  • Don't leave your money stuck under piles of paper: Paper-based processes already cost you money in time and materials, but those costs compound when critical information on a piece of paper is lost in the shuffle. Electronic processes route information through designated workflows with enterprise-wide visibility so nothing is ever lost in the shuffle.
  • One click accessibility to your files throughout your enterprise: Link documents to core systems and make them available from anywhere in your organization. Find the information you need, when you need it—even when working within your core business applications.
  • Reduce waste by printing only what you need: Shipping documents often require unique media and specific printers. With LDM, create digital, consolidated documents with bar codes for tracking, and print your shipping output on a single, laser printer. You'll reduce your total printed output and can scan the original, signed document for immediate indexing while your transportation provider leaves with the single, hard copy.

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